Nominet System Status

13th May 2022 – 18:33 BST (UTC+1)

Whist we do not believe the issue is active, we have received reports of intermittent connection issues affecting both the DAC and UK EPP. We are investigating this as a priority. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Business Intelligenceactive
DAC Real Timeactive
DAC Time Delayactive
Online Servicesactive
Ein Cartref Arleinactive
Nominet Websiteactive
Our Home Onlineactive
Registrar Resourcesactive
The UK Domainactive
The UK Internet Governance Forumactive
Audible EPPactive
Audible WHOISactive
Author EPPactive
Author WHOISactive
Aws EPPactive
Aws WHOISactive
Bbc EPPactive
Bbc RDAPactive
Bbc WHOISactive
Bentley EPPactive
Bentley WHOISactive
Book EPPactive
Book WHOISactive
Bot EPPactive
Bot RDAPactive
Bot WHOISactive
Broadway EPPactive
Broadway RDAPactive
Broadway WHOISactive
Buy EPPactive
Buy WHOISactive
Call EPPactive
Call WHOISactive
Circle EPPactive
Circle WHOISactive
Cymru EPPactive
Cymru RDAPactive
Cymru WHOISactive
Deal EPPactive
Deal WHOISactive
Fast EPPactive
Fast WHOISactive
Fire EPPactive
Fire WHOISactive
Free EPPactive
Free WHOISactive
Gop EPPactive
Gop RDAPactive
Gop WHOISactive
Got EPPactive
Got WHOISactive
Hot EPPactive
Hot WHOISactive
Imdb EPPactive
Imdb WHOISactive
Jot EPPactive
Jot WHOISactive
Joy EPPactive
Joy WHOISactive
Kindle EPPactive
Kindle WHOISactive
Like EPPactive
Like WHOISactive
Locus EPPactive
Locus WHOISactive
MTN EPPactive
Moi EPPactive
Moi RDAPactive
Moi WHOISactive
Now EPPactive
Now WHOISactive
Pay EPPactive
Pay WHOISactive
Pharmacy EPPactive
Pharmacy WHOISactive
Pin EPPactive
Pin WHOISactive
Prime EPPactive
Prime WHOISactive
Read EPPactive
Read WHOISactive
Room EPPactive
Room WHOISactive
Safe EPPactive
Safe WHOISactive
Save EPPactive
Save WHOISactive
Secure EPPactive
Secure WHOISactive
Silk EPPactive
Silk WHOISactive
Smile EPPactive
Smile WHOISactive
Spot EPPactive
Spot WHOISactive
Talk EPPactive
Talk WHOISactive
Tunes EPPactive
Tunes WHOISactive
Tushu EPPactive
Tushu WHOISactive
Virgin EPPactive
Virgin RDAPactive
Virgin WHOISactive
Wales EPPactive
Wales RDAPactive
Wales WHOISactive
Wanggou EPPactive
Wanggou WHOISactive
Wed RDAPactive
Wed WHOISactive
Wow EPPactive
Wow WHOISactive
Yamaxun EPPactive
Yamaxun WHOISactive
You EPPactive
You WHOISactive
Zappos EPPactive
Zappos WHOISactive

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